Christmas is Next!

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day and you enjoyed gorging!   The 2 pecan pies I made got overcooked a big, so I certainly couldn’t serve them to all of the family (Paul’s side) that came. Dh doesn’t like pecan pies, so it’s up to me and dd to finish them off…oh, the horror 😀

Since I had leftover pumpkin from the pies and bread I made, yesterday dh requested pumpkin cake. It was so good!

Now I plan out our Christmas menu. We’ll probably go to dh’s parent’s house (we always do), but I still always make stuff to take and stuff for our family to keep home. This year I’m going to make cranberry jello (with the nuts and orange stuff in it)….that’s as far as I’ve gotten…I’m such a slacker 😀

I make wassail or cranberry cider, so I’ll do a poll and see what everyone wants. I’m sure dh will want an apple pie or 2. And then there’s Christmas day morning; we invite dh’s parents over to our house for that and I try to always make a nice, big spread to kick off the day. I’ve got some ideas for that, too…mini bagel buffet, croissants, scones, fruit salad, eggs, pancakes, sausage….I just need to figure out what might go well together that I haven’t done in the past (it’s different every year). I’m open to ideas!

So today life is getting back to normal…normal weekend, then everyone goes back to their schedules next week.