I’m Loving This Weather!

Yesterday I took the boys out to play. I put Dean down on a blanket with some toys and opened Pierce’s sandbox. They played for an hour before Dean wanted to be picked up. That’s a long time for a 9-month old!! It was great. I did some more yard work (raked branches) and then dd got off the bus. After a bit, dh came outside and we did a LOT more work.

In the back, the contractors piled the dirt around the house. They had driven on it when it was wet and muddy, so it was really rutty and uneven. Dh got the bright idea to hook up a wooden crate behind our little John Deere mower to help grate it out.  Then he put a 70-lb bag of peat moss on it for more weight. It worked very, very well.

Then, being the kind of dad/guy he is, he had our dd sit on the peat moss and gave her a ride 😀

It was great. Meanwhile, I was raking/shoveling more dirt that was in a pile on another side of the house. It’s all evened out now…much better, too.

So now we just have to wait to put out some more grass seed for the back. The side and front still need a bit of work (they dug a ditch) to get evened out then we’ll be done!