No More Crib!!

Dean loves beds. As in nice mattresses and big fluffy pillows. He gets on beds and rolls around, laughing and is just generally hilarious.

Every night we put him in his crib. And you know how cribs are…firm, flat mattress, nothing allowed in the crib other than baby.

So every night he would wake up in his crib and want to come to bed with me. And I need my sleep. I’m pure evil without enough sleep. So I would take him to my bed where he’d snuggle up against a pillow and sleep very well. After months of this, I thought I had spoiled him.

I was wrong. He just loves beds.

We got a mattress, put it on his floor (put the crib away), put a side rail up (even though he’s only inches from the floor), put it against a wall with his toybox at the head and another wall at his feet. So he’s kinda boxed in but can get out easily.

The first 2 nights of this I went in when he’d fuss at night like normal. Except I layed down with him in HIS bed instead of mine.  He fell back to sleep and I went back to my bed.

The last 3 nights he’s slept all night, on through until morning. 8am. No waking up. Nothing.

So at 13 months, we’re done with the crib. When he’s a little better at climbing and not falling, we’ll set up the rest of the bed for him.  But for now, YAY!!!!!!!