Walking Work Out!

Here’s a great (read evil and mean) walking workout for a treadmill. If your elevations are different, adjust to what you can. Elevation at a 3 is just slightly uphill. A 12 is pretty steep.  Good luck!

Keep your speed at 3.5…if you’re already in shape keep it at 4.

0-5 min…elevation at 3.

5-7 min…elevation at 9.

7-8 min…elevation at 5.

8-10 min…elevation at 10.

10-11 min…elevation at 6.

11-13 min…elevation at 12.

13-14 min…elevation at 10.

14-15 min…elevation at 12.

15-20 min…elevation at 3.

p.s. Did you know a treadmill used to be a torture device? Guess some things just don’t change.

7 comments to Walking Work Out!

  • Mom Comfort

    To me an hour and a half or so on the treadmill sounds pretty evil without any elevation at all! Unless you’re going slow enough to read a good book (or watch a great movie).

  • I used a treadmill until my son started walking….now I get enough exercise chasing my 3 year old around the house. LOL

    Tammys last blog post..Sweater Coats

  • lol…yeah, sounds familiar! I wish I could bottle my 3 year old’s energy!

  • Before I had children, I used to go to the gym on base and wait for Mr. X to get off work. After being on the treadmill for a while I thought “this is too easy, let’s see how fast I can go”. I QUICKLY cranked it to full speed so the treadmill didn’t give me any speeding up time, it just went from 5 to 10 in no seconds flat! I thought I was going to die! I just imagined myself being thrown from the treadmill at such a high speed that,surely, when I hit the wall I would break every bone in my body. Luckily I managed to hit the stop button before things got out of hand.

    Mrs. Xs last blog post..Unbelievably Cute!

  • LOL! Knowing my luck, I would have broken every bone!

  • Oh, I just can’t wait to start working out again. It’s all about motivation, and I’m slowly getting there. thanks for the workout list, if there is anything I know about myself, it is that when it comes to working out, if I am not following something, I’ll slack off and not push myself.

    It’s the competition of it I think that I like. A good challenge. Without that, I find it hard to challenge myself on purpose (working out at least 🙂

    Waynes last blog post..Caption This: Do I really Want to Know?

  • Yeah, competition is great…I always do better when others are around. Gotta keep up or show up 😛