Oh, Waaa! (sarcasm)

This is definitely one of those “Are you kidding me?!?” moments.  Seriously, some people need a hobby…or a job…or a life…or need to go stick their head up an elephant’s butt before they complain.

“BRIDGEPORT, Conn. —  A judge has brushed off a Connecticut woman’s claim that L’Oreal Inc. ruined her social life when she accidentally dyed her hair brunette with one of its products.

“Charlotte Feeney of Stratford said she can never return to her natural blonde hue, a shock that left her so traumatized she needed anti-depressants.”  (ok, never?? How about in a few years when the brown’s completely grown out?)

“She says she suffered headaches and anxiety, missed the attention that blondes receive and had to stay home and wear hats most of the time.” (*gasp* Oh, no, not a hat!)

“A Superior Court judge dismissed Feeney’s 2005 lawsuit Monday, saying she never proved her allegation that L’Oreal put brown hair dye in a box labeled as blonde. The company also had disputed the claim.” (so, is she blonde or not? If she is, why would she need to dye her hair blonde?

“Feeney’s attorney, David Laudano, declined to comment and she could not be reached after the judge’s decision.” (yeah, I’ll bet. He prob’ly moved out of state.)