Rumors About Obama?

I couldn’t come up with anything creative to say today, so I stole a post my husband wrote on one of his blogs.

What if they were true? Would it really make a difference, or is Obama too much of a savior in people’s eyes to see the truth?

I’m thinking that Obama could produce his birth certificate from Kenya and he would still get elected. People would say, “Why does it matter?” The sheeple in this country that listen to the elitist media are going to vote for him regardless of the truth.

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  1. I firmly believe that all we have is faith when it comes to picking a president. Neither candidate is telling the whole story, and instead giving us exactly what they believe we want to hear to make us vote for them.

    Neither is a good choice in my opinion, but I’m siding with Barrack because both will probably not make it 4 years, leaving us with the VP’s as president. I don’t trust the Alaskan soccer mom to make a good president…

    Eh, just my opinion

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  2. It made a difference for at least one person reading one of my posts. She was being pressured by her parents to vote for Obama simply based on their hatred for Bush.
    She was confused and thanked me for posting what I posted.
    You never know who’s mind may be open to truth, if it is boldly declared.
    Of course , it might not win you many friends, but it’s worth it.

  3. The reason why nobody believes the smears is because we are used to this same old politics of republican candidates. Heck, McCain is using the same people in his campaign that George Bush used to spread lies that McCain’s adopted daughter was really his biological daughter out of wedlock. As long as people like that are running the Republican campaign they will have no credibility in my book. I refuse to succumb to the politics of fear. I have been deceived before and will not be again.

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  4. re:Modernmommy
    How about the facts. He said this, he did this, this is what he believes and this is what his agenda and his party’s agenda is ……. in their own words. Is it a smear to warn the country of agendas and ideology that the candidate is hiding from the public ? Is it a smear, for example to report the testimony of democrat eye witnesses of “massive voter fraud during the primaries perpetrated by Obama. No, we are not talking about smears here. We are talking about news that should be reported far and wide, and believe me , as this and other legitimate news gets out to the public you are already seeing a shift away from the one candidate who has kept much of his past secret. No even his birth certificate is available to the public.

  5. I think by the time the public is aware of some of Obama’s negative aspects, it’ll be too late.
    Smears do go both ways, but there really are some scary facts.

  6. So…you believe all the crap about Obama? You think that McCain/Palin is the choice? are so funny. Alaskan hockey mom who has been found guilty of ethics violations…and is being investigated as I type for her expense reports. Her SOCIALIST views of spreading the wealth in Alaska? Her 150,000. clothes? Oh..yes…they arent hers…I forgot.

    Good heavens…some people shouldnt be allowed a vote.

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