A New New Year!

I have to admit, 2008 has been good to us. We had a healthy baby boy, traded our 2 older cars for a new one and a newer-used one, and are now adding on to our home.

But I’m looking forward to 2009. It’s always fun for me to look forward to all the birthdays holidays all over again. This year we’re planning on a trip back to Utah to visit my family in the summer. My sibs haven’t seen our baby yet and some of them still haven’t met our 3-year-old.

We’re also planning on going for one more baby this year, crazy enough 😀

I used to do the typical resolutions…lose weight, read more, etc. But the past couple years I’ve been working on me from the inside out. I resolved to be less quick to judge others and to not be so physically superficial looking at others. You know…to see a homeless man and not assume he’s a druggie-alcoholic. To see someone very obese and not assume they sit around and eat all day. Unfortunately, I had a bad habit of doing this. For 2 years this was my goal. I’m happy to say I think I’m more compassionate and less judgmental.

This year my resolution is to try harder to treat others as if they were my best friend. To have people walk away from me and feel better about their day or themselves after talking to me. And I don’t mean that egotistically… I can try to give them a compliment, love or support.

And it starts here in my home with my husband and kids. Family is number one. If something happened to one of them and they didn’t know my world revolves around them, then I failed that day. It sounds sober, but it’s supposed to be a good thing, really 😀

So all in all, I’m excited for this new year! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me and mine.