Apparently Not Complicated Enough…

I’ve noticed that just when life begins to settle down a bit, something happens to complicate it.

My husband was coming home last night and saw a dog wandering around near his work. He drove past it to come home, but that twinge of  “aw, poor thing” went through his head and he turned around and picked it up. The area where he found it is notorious for pet drop-offs 🙁

He came  home, looked at me and said, “Well, I did it again, but it’s only temporary this time.” It was then I looked into the mud room where he put the dog and I saw it. I was shocked until he told me the story.

Later on we went driving around, knocking on doors to see if we could find its home, but no luck. He’s a fat, friendly, cute little thing so I’d be surprised if he really is a drop-off. I can see where he used to have a collar, but not anymore. And he’s not been brushed in a good while. So the whole situation is kinda strange.  He’s small-ish, a Welsh Corgi from what I can tell. I’m also guessing he’s around 8 (give or take a year) by his teeth and level of activity.

Today my job is to call the local pounds and report that we found him and hope someone comes forward. If that doesn’t work, dh said he’ll put fliers up at work to find him a home and we’ll talk to friends.  If that doesn’t work….I guess we’ll have another dog. *sigh* He doesn’t like the cats much…he barked at one so that’s a big drawback. But he adores our Cooper and likes the kids. Our dd has nicknamed him “Corget” so we’ll use that for now. Oh, and he drools…ewww…because he’s so fat, he’s almost constantly panting and his tongue is hanging out.

He’s pretty cute and very social…I just hope he has a loving home that wants him back.