A Night at Gabby Spas!

Sunday, coming home from church, my dd told me she thought it would be nice to treat her dad to a back rub that night. My husband loves massages of any kind, so I knew he’d go for it in a heartbeat. When we got home, she told me she wanted to turn the living room into a spa room. I said no, the master bedroom would be a better place and she agreed.  She put a blanket on the floor, carried flowers into the room, set up lotion on a table, and started planning.

I helped her print up a “Gabby Spas” brochure complete with slogan (welcome to Gabby Spas…where comfort and luxury are essential) and services (back massage, foot massage, facials, relaxation techniques) and ameneties (we provide free childcare and gourmet chocolate).

When dh was finished with some work stuff, I helped her finish it all off. I turned on a nightstand lamp (dim lights), turned on the spa music channel on tv, and coached her through her introduction and techniques of massage and facial.

When dh was done (about 20 minutes), ds1 layed down next to his dad and requested a massage as well. It was so cute. So dd did his feet and back then he got chocolate. Last night he told his sister he needed another massage 😀

It was a fun night at the “spa.” She gave dh and me coupons for future massages and babysitting for Valentine’s Day and is really excited for us to “come back soon to Gabby Spas!”