There Should be a Law Against This.

I have a firm belief that it should be banned. It’s unfair, sexist, and cruel. I’m very sensitive to this problem and it’s frustrating to see happen to myself and other women.  Men don’t understand and, therefore, it’s really not a big deal to them. Which makes this even more awful!

Moms shouldn’t get sick! Like we don’t have enough to do. Add a sore throat, congestion, sleepless nights, and fatigue to an already busy schedule. Plus just taking care of kids all day long. There’s no such thing as a day off or a sick day when you have take care of your kids and house! It’s a 24/7 job!

What happens if we don’t take care of our responsibilities when we’re sick? If we just act like men and lay on the couch moaning and being sick?

It all adds up and multiplies like bunnies in the summer. One dish turns into 50. A slightly dirty carpet turns into No Man’s Land. Toys get scattered and tossed around like they’re alive and restless. Laundry stacks up, coming out of infinite closet space and dresser drawers. Kids look like they’ve lived in a barn for a year, and smell like 2 years.

Oh, yes, ladies. Something needs to be done about this issue! There needs to be a rebellion, a revolt! We need to band together to picket congress and our husband’s workplaces! We need equality and fairness! Whatever happened to womens equal rights?

No more sick! No more sick! No more sick!