Managing headaches

One of the great perks of being pregnant (for me, anyway) is not having headaches for 6 months in the second and (mostly) third trimesters.  Then the pregnancy ends and the headaches come back. Why? No one knows. It’s the great mystery in my life. Headaches/migraines started when I was 16.

“Have you seen a doctor?” Of course. A couple times. They found no reason for my problem.

“Didn’t they give you any medication?” Yes; the most-prescribed one for headaches/migraines. An anti-seizure med that was great in helping me lose weight, but also made my hands tingle and go numb. It worked for about a week then it quit. So the doctor upped my dosage. Then it worked very well for a couple weeks. Then it quit. That happened a few times until I finally quit the drug altogether. I didn’t see the point in staying on a drug if it didn’t work.

So now I’m not pregnant anymore and the headaches are back. Every day. It’s really more annoying than anything…being in constant pain and soreness in my head gets old. Paul and my mom keep pushing me to “go see a specialist; find someone who knows what they’re doing”.  I know I really should but it just sounds so lame…”Yeah, I have a headache.” I don’t want to be a drug guinea pig.

The whole situation is quite ridiculous!  Just a vent  🙂