A Girl Just Can’t Win!

Have you heard the complaining about Sarah Palin’s expenses on clothes, makeup and hair? $150K on her and her family.

“The clothing purchases have raised questions about the propriety of using party money for such expenses. The Republican National Committee said the clothes belong to the committee, while John McCain’s campaign said the clothing would go to a “charitable purpose” after the campaign. It also sought to deflect the issue by criticizing the media attention.”

To me, it’s such a silly and desperate thing to whine about. Oh, boo-hoo, she tries to look nice. She’s in the public eye! What’s she supposed to do, shop at Goodwill and get her hair done at SuperCuts?? Even if she shopped at moderate places and spent less, there would be people criticizing that and others saying if she had the money, why not.

It’s not the Dems that donated money to the party’s finances, so why are they complaining?

But it’s not just her…”If Palin’s $2,500 Valentino jacket seems expensive, consider that Barack Obama wears Hart Schaffner Marx suits that retail for about $1,500. John McCain consistently wears $520 Salvatore Ferragamo loafers, while Vanity Fair editors estimated that one outfit worn by Cindy McCain cost $313,100, including diamond earrings and pearl necklace.”

I think it’s all just a bunch of nit-picking. It’s really absurd. I don’t give a rat’s rear how much our future president/vp’s shoes cost. If I had their money I’d buy the same stuff!!