Did I Offend You???

If I cut you off in traffic, I’m sorry.

If you waved at me and I didn’t see it, I’m sorry.

If I didn’t comment on your blog enough, I’m sorry.

If I didn’t reply to your comment here, I’m sorry.

If I gave you a dirty look while I was in a bad mood, I’m sorry.

If I got the last of an item in the grocery store, I’m sorry.

If I spoke to you in a short tone while I had a migraine, I’m sorry.

If I forgot your special day (anniversary, birthday) I’m sorry!

Now, please quit sticking pins in your voodoo “Signe doll” and ruining my holidays!! Your track record of 5 of 5 this year (and it’s only mid-February!) has been impeccable. I admit it…you won!

Was it really necessary to close down my favorite candy shop right before Valentine’s Day?

I don’t know where else to get chocolate-covered strawberries and fresh fudge and dark chocolate truffles for my husband now!!

So, again, if I offended you, I apologize and you can get rid of your pins and doll now.