Messy Yard.

Our back yard is a huge mess! There’s a massive pile of dirt and a big hole! Yep, our addition is beginning finally!! I’m stoked. Today the concrete is coming. Our 3 yr old is loving the big tractors and is excited for the concrete mixer…that’s how we got him to go to bed last night. We told him he’d need to get good...

November 20, 2008

Bookworm Meme!

I’ve been tagged with the Bookworm Meme by My Funny Dad, Harry.  Here’s how this meme works: 1. Grab the nearest book. 2. Open the book to page 56. 3. Find the fifth sentence. 4. Post the text of the next two to five sentences. 5. Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book or the intellectual one. Pick the Closest. 6. Tag...

November 19, 2008

Oh, Snow!

Yep, there’s snow on the ground this morning! Not a lot, but a decent sprinkle over everything. I’m sure it’ll melt by noon, since it’s sunny, but crazy!! I’m not a snow person. Growing up in Texas, we’re not used to the stuff. The whole state shuts down if there’s flurries 😀 As long as it would stay off the roads I’m ok…for some...

November 18, 2008

Took The Day Off.

I really try to post every weekday, but yesterday I had to take off. That migraine I had Saturday has been extremely stubborn. And my tolerance to pain killers is so high even 2 percoset didn’t kill it. Luckily it’s been downscaled from migraine to really bad headache, which is more tolerable. I’m not curled up on the couch with a blanket over my...

November 18, 2008

New Topics.

Thanks to those who commented in my venting the last couple days. It’s great to hear what others have had to say. Yesterday I had an extremely wicked migraine, one I just couldn’t shake, despite a cocktail of Excedrine Migr, extra strength Tylenol and my favorite, Percoset. Hopefully it’ll clear up today. I hope any of you that live in CA are out of...

November 16, 2008

Gotta Vent.

This is about the voting in CA, so if you’re tired of the subject, sorry. But I’ve got to get this off my chest. If you’ve looked around my site or have read for awhile, you know I’m LDS (Mormon). And the Mormons have gotten a lot of publicity in CA for their stance on gay marriage. They have been targeted with hate crimes...

November 14, 2008

Do You Know This Drug?

I recently heard about this new drug, salvia. It’s legal in 43 states and is being compared to LSD. (not to be confused with my religion, LDS 😀  )  I looked it up on wikipedia, so if you’re clueless, like me, check this out. It’s a hallucinogen from Mexico. Apparently it’s really easy to find, and being legal, anyone can buy it.  Teens are...

November 13, 2008

Hair Cut! Yay!

Yesterday I got my hair cut and highlighted…it’s been about 6 months since my last highlight, so it was much needed! I usually do blonde or caramel colors, but I decided to do something different this time around. I went with purple. Yes, purple. Violet to be exact. And even my worst critic (my dd) thinks it’s “cute!” She was imagining punk dark or...

November 12, 2008

Redneck Fishing.

A redneck was stopped by a game warden central Texas recently with 2 chests full of fish. He was leavin’ a cove well-known for its fishing. The game warden asked, “Do you have a license to catch those fish?” “Naw, sir,” replied the redneck. “I ain’t got none of them there licenses. These here are my pet fish.” “Pet fish?” “Yeah, everynight I take...

November 11, 2008


So my weekend was uneventful and there’s not a whole lot going on this week. I found these pics in a recent email and thought they were good. Some funny, others just cute.

November 10, 2008