Stinkin’ Cat!

We have a kitten. She’s almost a year old and a total brat.

Yes, she’s a brat. She does things on purpose that she’s not supposed to do. She won’t let me catch her and pretends I’m  her chew toy if I try.

Yesterday ds1 was eating a hot dog. He had just a bite left and put it down on the coffee table to go potty. The Brat jumped up, grabbed it and took off. I tried to catch her, but she just hid under another table. I grabbed a couch pillow and tossed it at her, hoping she’d drop the hot dog.

I wasn’t planning on giving it back to the boy at that point, I just didn’t want her to have it. ‘Cuz she’s a hot-dog-stealing brat.

So I threw the pillow…no luck.  She ran in the kitchen and I followed, pillow in hand. I whacked her with it. (small couch pillows don’t whack well) Again, no luck. She kept it.

Then she ran into the baby’s room, where he was sleeping. I got really mad at that point. “You wake that baby up, cat, and you’ll be turned into a hot dog!” She’s woken him up before. And I was done messing with her. I reached down to grab her and she took off under the baby’s bed.

At that point, I decided she could keep the stupid hot dog and hoped she choked on it.

The worst part of this? My husband rescued her as a small kitten when she was less than 2 weeks old.  She had been abandoned. I bottle fed her for 4 weeks, taught her to poop, let her sleep in my bed, bathed her, etc. And this is how she repays me.