10 Things I’ve Figured Out.

  1. The person who coined with the phrase “sleep like a baby” didn’t have kids and/or was a complete idiot.
  2. Boys like peeing everywhere…on walls outside, in mud puddles, on bugs, in buckets, in the bathtub…
  3. Matchbox vehicles somehow reproduce at night.
  4. It’s amazing how moms can do so much and get so little rest. Especially when one kid gets sick right after another gets well.
  5. Duck fat/grease are too rich for our dog…probably why he left his Monday’s dinner on a pile on the floor  yesterday morning.
  6. You will say things, as a parent, you never thought you’d say. “No, do NOT pee on the dog!” or “No, popcorn does not go in your ears,” or “No sand castles in the kitty litter box!”
  7. Croup sucks. Badly.
  8. A successful marriage is based on compromise…and the more he “compromises” to my will, the better we get along!
  9. It’s not fun being without a washer and drier when there are 4 dirty loads of laundry that all need to be done especially when one child is nearly out of underwear.
  10. Chocolate is a great food…it works as a bribe, a pick-me-up, a headache helper, a snack, a dessert, an anti-oxidant and a fix after a dose of medicine! Chocolate…the next wonder food.